Turnkey Lease Restoration

We specialize in decommissioning and lease restoration, whether in a traditional office or a Data Center. From the initial consultation to the final walk-through with your leaseholder, you will be glad that DC Decom is on your side. We will restore your space to the lease-end requirements, and we’ll do the work in-house, eliminating multi-vendor headaches. Our primary goal is to decommission your space in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. All while removing problems and concerns from your daily routine.

We shine when our clients need the following services:

Where other companies will take your decommissioned equipment to a landfill, DC Decom recovers, reuses, and refurbishes these assets. Our eco-friendly approach drives value and reduces costs for our customers. This unique advantage allows us to deliver a quality of service that is unmatched within our industry. We return your space to all lease-end requirements on time and on budget.

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