Cable Abatement

Data Centers and commercial offices are full of cable infrastructure. If you are exiting a lease or planning to update a wired system, removing the old system is the first step in the process. There is nothing more frustrating than hiring a vendor to cut the cable out of the wall only to find out that they knocked out the fire alarm system and the internet for the tenant next door at the same time. DC Decom specializes in removing systems that are hardwired throughout the building, and we use our expertise to deliver a headache-free experience.

Data Center Decommission Services has removed millions of feet of cabling throughout millions of square feet of office and Data Center space. If you need the infrastructure removed down to the PoP (Point of Presence) or buildings demarcation point, we have you covered! We are precise, and when it comes time to remove the cabling infrastructure for the LAN, A/V, and Security system but leave the fire and HVAC connections alone, we are the right team for the job.

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