Data Center Decommissioning Process

You need an experienced company to successfully decommission or relocate a data center. DC Decom takes the lead on every aspect of your Data Center Decommission project.
  • We safely disconnect all your Electrical Components to include UPS’s Transformers, Bypass switches, ATS’s, Battery Cabinets, CRAH & RPP Cabinets, and Generators.
  • We disconnect your Mechanical and Plumbing to include CRAC units and Fire suppression systems
  • We safely remove all Glycol Lines and Waterlines
  • We remove raised flooring systems and perform cable remediation services
  • We remove ductwork and repair the walls and ceilings where the units or accessories have penetrated.
We are a one-stop-shop for all things Decommission. We go above and beyond by giving you a single point of contact who will walk you through the entire data center decommissioning process from the initial consultation to the final walk-through with your leaseholder. Our uniformed team operates together daily. We are a single cohesive unit when it comes to decommissioning services. We can disconnect and remove any piece of equipment found in a Data Center.

Data Center Relocations Done the Correct Way

No matter the size of your data center relocation, the process of inventory reconciliation, moving servers, and minimizing downtime is complicated. Our experienced, full-service team executes all the necessary tasks to provide a secure chain of custody to minimize risk to your operation.

Your Concerns Met with Solutions

Our data center relocation and decommissioning services are compliant with various federal and international regulations and we adhere to the qualifications of an R2 certified recycler. We adhere to responsible, eco-friendly IT asset disposal processes to reduce e-waste.

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DC Decom is an established, trusted decommission company. We manage data center relocations of all sizes, including corporations as renowned as MySpace. Company leadership goes on-site for every project to deliver the quality service you need. 

Our Data Center Decommissioning Process