About DC Decom

  • Who We Are

    DC Decom is a family owned and operated decommission company. We provide complete decommissioning services to ensure you meet all your lease end requirements in a cost-effective, eco-friendly manner.

  • Our Values

    DC Decom believes in reusing or repurposing assets whenever possible, and properly recycling those we can't. We provide superior efficiency and cost savings by eliminating the middlemen without sacrificing quality.

  • Environment

    DC Decom takes responsibility to preserve our environment for the next generation. Your electronic and hazardous waste will not go to the landfill. DC Decom strives to reduce your environmental footprint. We take the time to separate materials for proper recycling, while maintaining zero landfill impact.

  • Recycling Equipment

    As data center decommissioning specialists, DC Decom recovers assets to recover, refurbish, and reuse assets. We also purchase all kinds of equipment from circuit breakers to generators to recycle them and keep them out of landfills.

Meet The DC Decom Team

DC Decom - Founder


Founding Partner

22 years of experience as a business owner, And 30+ years of experience in the field. Kevin has started three successful businesses! His first venture was a moving company that he sold after 12 years of operation; the company is still running successfully today. DC Decom was his second venture and his most prized. Kevin also owns a real estate/leasing company. He enjoys being on-site and working with his hands.

Kevin is a customer service-driven individual. The word “no” does not come lightly to him and very rarely makes it into conversation. If it can be done, He will find a way to get it done.



With 10 years of experience in logistics sales and project management Ben brings a nationwide network of teams to get work done all over the country. He has managed projects in decommissioning offices and data centers all over the country for dozens of major government contractors and fortune 500 companies. Ben enjoys being onsite and working with his hands.

Fun Fact: Ben coaches a varsity lacrosse team!

DC Decom - Partner



With 12 years of experience in disassembly/removal and sales Corey has become an excellent assessor of value. He brings extensive product and market knowledge to the table. He has taken on the lion share of selling used equipment and assets we remove from jobsites. Providing our customers even more value. Corey has strong negotiating and customer service skills. His feedback always runs above 99% positive.

Fun Fact: Corey is a highly awarded wrestler!

Marshall Adair - Director of Operations

Marshall Adair


Marshall is the Director of Operations and brings decades of experience in operational and day to day management. Marshall has built teams from 6 up to 240 for the largest IT companies around and maintained them like a well-oiled machine. Within the Data Center industry he has led decommission operations since 2016. As a director within the Data Center industry he has been a speaker for local colleges regarding Data Center career pathways.

Chris Brosnan


Chris started his electrical journey in 2012. He graduated from the Local 26 JATC apprenticeship program, and holds electrical licenses in both DC and Virginia. He has superior knowledge of electrical systems and how they work, and is able to teach and supervise others from his vast wealth of knowledge and experience gained from over a decade in the field. As a master electrician, Chris is leading the team in electrical expertise.

Dennis - About DC Decom



Dennis started in “home services.” For five years, he worked with homeowners installing and re-wiring panels before transitioning into the commercial world. He estimates new electrical installs and performs the work himself with a few helpers. He can take down or set up highly complicated electrical systems.

Jim - DC Decom Building Engineer



With 32 years of experience in building maintenance, Jim brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. He came from Freddie Mac where he served as senior building engineer for 26 years.

Why Choose DC Decom?

DC Decom believes that turning the power OFF is just as important as turning it ON. We offer Onsite Services, Project Management, and Turnkey Solutions for decommissioning and lease restoration projects.

We have experienced crews with state-of-the-art equipment who specialize in the decommission of IT and MEP infrastructure. Our extensive nationwide network and resources allow us to carry out our mission anywhere in the country. Our grey market specialist can repurpose most equipment and sustainably dispose of unusable equipment. We continue training and certifications in our field to stay current and relevant.