Asset Liquidation & Recovery

DC Decom provides asset liquidation and recovery services. When you do business with us, we work towards a zero-landfill recovery and a liquidation that adds value to your project. We built our business to help companies transitioning out of spaces get rid of their current assets while retaining as much value as possible. Our liquidation process allows our customers to use their assets as a portion of the payment for removal services needed. We designed our recovery process to keep items out of landfills.

Electronic waste poses a major threat to our environment. Improper disposal negatively affects the quality of our soil, water, and air. DC Decom recycles your electronic waste the right way while protecting your information.

Our approach is eco-friendly and allows us to charge less, trade, or purchase your surplus assets. We use our background in commercial moving to perform associated services, which reduces costs and muti-vendor headaches.

We can manage all of your e-waste recycling needs, including: 

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