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We specialize in data center decommissioning services. Other companies charge premium rates only to dump your used equipment in a landfill or the scrap yard, all while using multiple vendors to get the job done. We perform most of the data center decommissioning services in house using our traveling team. We refurbish and recycle your assets to reduce your costs and we keep communication simple through our single point of contact.

DC Decom Data Center Decommission Services

HVAC & Electrical Decommission

We safely disconnect and remove mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) equipment within commercial spaces. Our aim during MEP disconnects is to put your equipment back into service. Even if you don’t require our removal services, we can still make offers to buy your equipment.


DC Decom removes the stress of lease end restoration. We meet your data center and commercial lease requirements on time and on budget.

DC Decom - MEP Disconnect

Asset Liquidation & Recovery

DC Decom is committed to eco-friendly asset liquidation. With our 3 step process (Sell, Recycle, Donate), we attempt to get the most value out of your assets during the recovery process. Our method lowers the cost of doing business to save you more money.

Data Center Relocation

Decommissioning a Data Center typically has a relocation component. We will perform all the relocations needed during your transition. We have a custom, state of the art box truck for the single purpose of relocating sensitive equipment found inside of Data Centers and LAN rooms.

DC Decom - Data Center Relocation

Cable Abatement

Data Center Decommission Services offers Cable Abatement and all that it entails to our clients who are looking to remove the CAT 5/6 cabling infrastructure throughout their suite and back to their LAN room. We replace all wall jacks with blanks, remove all ceiling-mounted brackets, and remove all LAN room equipment.


Preparing for a lease to end is a stressful project. We offer complete project management of the lease-end side of the deal. From pre-move preparations to the final walk-through with the landlord, we will be there with you. We perform most services in-house and keep an open line of communication throughout the entire process. If specialty vendors are required (which is rare) we will manage them as well.

DC Decom Turnkey Project Management