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Data Center Decommissioning Done the Right Way


    DC Decom specializes in data center decommissioning. We concentrate on helping you maximize your return on investment. Where other companies create waste, we carefully remove and resell your assets to reduce costs.
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  • HVAC & Electrical Decommissioning

    DC Decom can handle all your Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing disconnects. We disconnect and remove Fire Suppression systems, CRAC/CRAH Units, Critical Power systems, and Backup Power including generators and batteries.
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  • Lease Restoration

    DC Decom performs data center and commercial lease restoration. We bring your space back to the lease end requirements on time and on budget. We perform all aspects of the restoration process.
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  • Asset Liquidation & Recovery

    DC Decom is committed to eco-friendly IT asset recycling. Instead of taking your electronic waste to a landfill, we use downstream vendors who refurbish non-sensitive equipment and shred sensitive equipment.
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  • Data Center Relocation

    DC Decom has state-of-the-art custom equipment to relocate your data center. We offer rack and stack services upon arrival at the new site. We relocate from the DC metro area to anywhere in the country.
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  • Cable Abatement

    Whether you need to meet lease-end cable removal requirements or you want to update a wired system, you need a capable team. DC Decom excels at removing cable infrastructure from data centers and commercial offices.
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  • Turnkey Project Management

    When your lease is expiring and you need to decommission your space, we offer turnkey solutions. We will handle everything from the initial walk-through to the final punch list.
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About DC Decom

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

DC Decom is a family-owned and operated Decommission Company. We focus on Data Center Decommissioning and everything that entails. Including but not limited to disconnect/removal of critical power, CRAC/CRAH units, HVAC Systems, Supplementary electrical equipment, LAN Rooms, and Cable Abatement.

With 15 years of experience, we believe that turning OFF the power is just as important as Turning it ON. We offer Onsite Services, Project Management, and Turnkey solutions for decommissioning and lease restoration projects.

We aim to preserve our environment by repurposing as many pieces of equipment as possible and safely disposing of anything we can’t recycle.

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